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For titanic battles in the 40K universe!


Welcome to the site dedicated to the NetEpic game.


NetEpic is a player-managed game and the sequel to Epic Space Marines / Titan Legion game. So you can fight titanic battles in the 40K universe! 

Epic was a Games Workshop game in the 40K universe, allowing to play gigantic battles and to confront whole companies and the terrible war machines of the Adeptus Titanicus.

Here you will find the rules and Codex of NetEpic Palladium, version made by players and for the players.



Bienvenue sur le site français consacré au jeu NetEpic!


NetEpic est la suite du jeu Epic Space Marines / Titan Legion géré par des joueurs. Vous pouvez ainsi effectuer des batailles titanesques dans l'univers de 40K ! ​

Epic était un jeu de Games Workshop dans l'univers de 40K, permettant de jouer de gigantesques batailles et de faire s'affronter des compagnies entières et les terribles machines de guerre de l'Adeptus Titanicus.

Vous trouverez ici les règles et Codex de NetEpic Palladium, une version réalisée par les joueurs et pour les joueurs.



In the 41st millennium, the Divine Emperor governs humanity from beyond death on his golden throne. The Imperium, with its millions of inhabited worlds, is defended by the Imperial Guard, the Space Marines and the Imperial Fleet.


It's a formidable, ever-changing brute force made up of physical and spiritual corruption. It is incarnated by 4 major demonic entities: Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch.


The term Xeno refers to any extra-terrestrial creature from the human point of view, and by extension covers all non-human civilizations in the Galaxy; known or unknown, existing or extinct.


Epic Space Marines Titan Legion was a game published by Games Workshop and was one of the three main games along with WarHammer 40K and Warhammer Battle. Following the first version of the game Adeptus Titanicus, Epic released a second version called Space Marines Titan Legion, which was the best known and most played.

GW later released a new version: Epic 40K. It was not as successful and was quickly abandoned by GW. At the same time, a group of English-speaking gamers decided to revive the Epic Space Marines version. Thus was born the NetEpic version: made by gamers for gamers!

While Games Workshop released a final version of Epic in 2003 called Epic Armaggedon before abandoning it like all specialist games, NetEpic has never stopped evolving: constantly seeking to improve, NetEpic is a game that evolves with the times and the lore of the 40,000 universe.

With the Palladium version, NetEpic has taken another step forward: easier to learn, more balanced and more tactical, NetEpic Palladium is the latest version of the Epic game to be released. And it's all thanks to a group of players!