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EPIC Warhammer Chaos Nurgle

Why joining us ?

The NetEpic association allows its members to benefit from discounts at our partners. Moreover, members of the association benefit from discounts on goodies offered by the association (printed Codex, T-Shirts, ...). Finally, thanks to the members, the costs incurred to make the game live (website, drive, travel, ...) will be partly paid by the association (and not by the members of the creation team).

Our Partners

How to join the NetEpic Association?

You can send an email to or contact one of the members of the creation team on our discord (nickname in red).

The membership fee is 10€ per year.

Contact us - Please note that until now we were unable to see your email and reply to you. This has now been corrected. Please contact us again if you have not received a reply from us.

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